Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 Pink rhodonite beads set off a multicolored  rhodonite pendant in this necklace. Length is 24 inches, and hook and eye are handcrafted from sterling silver. U$ 90 includes shipping.
 Rhyolite tube beads and orange freshwater pearls are a perfect match for this spiderweb agate pendant. The necklace measure 20 inches. Hook and eye are handcrafted   sterling silver. $90 includes shipping.
Dark blue, 12 mm. dumortierite beads from Brazil, 11 mm.  freshwater and a kyanite pendant accented with sterling silver and a Brazilian tourmaline cabochon make up this one of a kind, 18 inch necklace. Sterling silver clasp, earrings to match. $145 includes shipping.

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