Sunday, August 31, 2008


Necklace and matching earring set made with round onyx beads, faceted citrine rondelles, golden Biwa pearls and an Idaho plume pendant. Sterling silver findings. U$250 includes shipping.

Garnet beads, silvery fresh water coin and rice pearls, plus a triangular Chohua jasper pendant and sterling silver clasp add up to an elegant 20'' necklace. U$ 110 cover USPS priority shipping and insurance. Free gift wrapping and card available.

Peridot, citrine, African jade necklace accented with a Transvaal jade pendant. SS clasp. U$ 150

Right--Koi fish in a pond, the glow of the harvest moon, a Blue Ridge sunset--all this in a orange calcite and Idaho plume agate necklace selling for U$ 80

The Brazooka is a 20" necklace made with British Columbia jade horse eye beads and
nuggets, faceted citrine and sterling silver. Translucent ochre Brazilian agate with green, grey and a touch of pink is a wonderful match for BC jade. Note the poppy seed-like inclusions in the jade. These little variations make semiprecious stones a delight to the eye. Price for the set of necklace and earrings is U$ 120, domestic priority shipping included.

This was a serendipitous find--I bought this onyx and rhodochrosite pendant long before I happened upon the triangular rhodochrosite beads.
Above--The Don't Cry for me Argentina necklace is made with triangular Argentinian rhodochrosite--a marvelous stone with as many shades of pink as the petals of a China rose, it is said to promote happy romances --black onyx beads and sterling clasp. Set of 20" necklace and matching earrings U$120, shipping included.

Silvery freshwater coin pearls are the perfect match for the unusual pink and silver grey of these oval Peruvian rhodochrosite beads. Sterling silver clasp. U$ 120 includes domestic shipping by priority mail.

A sterling silver focal beads spices up this sassy choker made with round black onyx and turquoise nuggets. U$ 180 includes continental US shipping by priority mail.

A novel take on a Southwest theme--round chrysocholla beads, onyx squares, and a pendant made of a turquoise cabochon set in sterling silver. U$ 150.

Orthoceras--an ancient marine animal-- from Morocco is a striking addition to Botswana agate.

Simple does not equal plain. That is the idea--stolen from a zebra butterfly-- behind this grey Botswana agate necklace with orthoceras pendant and sterling silver. U$S 100

Conglomerate jasper focal bead, hessonite garnet and natural mother of pearl and sterling make up this less-is-more necklace. U$ 100

Focal bead up close.

Peruvian opal beads have a soft glimmer that makes it suitable for any occasion. Matched with a jasper focal bead in soft tones of beige, khaki green and pink it is refined and glamorous all at once. A mere U$ 100.

Plum blossom jasper has the subtle elegance of Asian scrolls. Blend it with rhodonite, pink Botswana agate, black onyx and rhodochrosite and you have the a necklace that recalls koto music, geishas in butterfly wing kimonos and the moon over Kioto. U$ 120

Yellow fossilized coral jasper pendant might be a butterfly wing in disguise. Onyx and faceted citrine add to the illusion in this 20" necklace with a sterling silver clasp. U$ 160.

This necklace is made with septarian squares, beautifully faceted smoky topaz beads and a sterling clasp. Set with matching earrings U$ 150.

Noreena jasper heart on the left and fire jasper pendant on the right.

Left--brecciated jasper ands red jasper necklace with a fire jasper pendant for those who like it hot. U$ 85

Right--Latte lover's brec jasper and golden freshwater pearl necklace. Sterling clasp. U$# 85

Mookaite squares, lepidolite, freshwater pearls and a dazzling tremolite pendant make this a strut-your-stuff necklace. U$ 120

Mandarin sardonyx necklace accented with a carved vintage Italian coral, freshwater pearl and sterling mesh pendant. U$150

Handmade Indonesian recycled glass beads and crystal quartz points, SS findings. $50

Freshwater peacock coin and rice pearls, ribbon jasper pendant, SS findings. U$ 110

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